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How to Celebrate Earth Day: 10 Simple Things to do for Earth

Earth Day April 22, 2014

1. Say no to polythene covers while you are shopping, shop with your reusable bag.

2. Use lesser quantity of water, close the tap while your brushing your teeth Close a leaking tap.

3. Choose Mango drink in a paper carton than that in a Plastic bottle

4. Leave your car, bike at home. Walk or try public transport once in a week

5. Replace bulbs and tubes with CFLs and CFLs with LEDs.
Choose energy star rated products

6. Switch off the bulbs, fan, open the windows, its cool and bright out there

7. Recycle at work, donate, reuse papers before throwing them to trash.

8. Plant a tree every year on your birthdays.

9. Carry your own water bottle

10. Driving smarter, under speed limit in the eco mode, saves fuel for the future

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