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India's Most Searched Personality 2013

Bing.com, the popular search engine from Microsoft has released the data regarding the top search trends for the year 2013. According to the website, Salman Khan is India's most searched person followed by Shahrukh Khan and Katrina Kaif. Sachin Tendulkar, star batsman and also the Bharat Ratna awardee came fourth.

Here is the list of 2013 most searched person on the Internet (Bing)
1. Salman Khan

2. Shahrukh Khan

3. Katrina Kaif

4. Sachin Tendulkar

5. Deepika Padukone

6. Priyanka Chopra

7. Kareena Kapoor

8. Akshay Kumar

9. Ranbir Kapoor

10. Vidya Balan

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