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India's First Dolby Atmos Sound - Shivaji 3D in Satyam Cinema's Chennai

Satyam Cinema's at Chennai run by the SPI cinemas will be the first theatre in India to be equipped with Dolby Atmos, the latest cinema sound technology in the world. The Serene theatre at Satyam Cinemas is now equipped with Atmos sound which creates 128 audio streams using 64 speakers including those in the roof of the theatre. Sound effects such as rain, helicopter etc can be heard over the head of the spectator using this technology.

The remastered version of the Tamil film 'Shivaji 3D' will be the first film to be shown using Dolby Atmos technology. Shivaji 3D directed by Shankar will be released on December 12, which happens to be actor Rajinikanth' 62nd birthday.

Currently the Hollywood film 'Life of Pi' is been screened in Dolby Atmos at Satyam and more movies such as Disney/Pixar’s Brave, Warner Bros’ The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey are expected to be released in the new sound technology.

Dolby Labs, is an American company specializing in audio noise reduction and audio encoding/compression. The Atmos surround sound technology was launched by the company in April 2012 and was first used in the movie 'Brave'. The first installation of Dolby Atmos was at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, US.

Real Image Media Technologies, is the first studio in India to adopt mixing capabilities in Dolby Atmos which did the sound for Sivaji.

The list of movies released using Dolby Atmos technology are
Taken 2    
Chasing Mavericks    
Ah Boys to Men    
Life of Pi        
Rise of the Guardians         
Sivaji 3D        
The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey        
Star Trek Into Darkness    

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