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Aiyyaa Movie Reviews

Aiyyaa, the Hindi comedy film written and directed by Sachin Kundalkar hit the screens  on October 12, 2012. The movie which has been in the limelight by the dance performances of Rani Mukherji is also the Bollywood debut of Malayalam actor Prithviraj.

The story is about a Marathi girl falling in love with a Tamil boy as he smells good.

Directed by Sachin Kundalkar
Produced by Anurag Kashyap
Viacom 18
Written by Sachin Kundalkar
Starring Rani Mukerji
Music by Amit Trivedi

The film opened with mixed response as the critics rating it as average. Here is what the online reviews say about the movie.

Rani expertly manages to be both a simpleton and a seductress. She looks stunning and dances like a dervish. But the film can't match her performance - Hindustan Times Review

The first half of the film is a total drain and so is most of second part till last 20 minutes or so when the engagement is due to take place. - Indiantelevision Review

Unfortunately it turns out to be more of a shock here. This one is boring and can put you to sleep. In times when more and more films are progressively entertaining, an Aiyyaa needs to wake up and 'smell' the coffee! - Times of India Review

Aiyyaa takes time to warm up, slips into dull patches at times and occasionally teeters on the edge of a certain dissonance. But the subversive spirit that drives the absurdist core of Aiyyaa is well worth embracing. - NDTV Review

In straight words, ‘Aiyya’ is not a script poorly handled rather it is a script poorly written. We can only hope that Sachin Kundalkar doesn’t repeat his mistake and make his audience go ‘Aiyyaa’ in pain again. -Zee News Review

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