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Jism 2: Read Reviews

 ‘Jism 2’ is worth watching once- for the bikini clad Sunny Leone of course! - Zee movies Rating 2/5

It's like Sunny Leone's assets are the script, screenplay and sole purpose of Jism 2 and everyone outside that -- Hooda, Singh, Zakaria or the audience -- is obliged to wag their tongues with thrill. Well, duh, for thinking otherwise. - Rediff Rating 1.5/5

Overall, not bad for a one time watch, if you have nothing else to do. But highly recommended, if Sunny’s Jism alone is entertainment enough for you. DNA

"On the whole, Jism 2 has Sunny Leone as its USP, but the lackluster screenplay and the sluggish pace act as deterrents. - Hindustan Times

 This may not be the right evening out for those who found last week's 'Super Kool' film entertaining. But those who feel life in the movies is not always about the good times, 'Jism 2' makes its point forcibly. - MSN

This film is designed to be Sunny Leone’s ticket to a place in the Bollywood sun, but it isn’t quite love-all in her favour. Yet, Jism 2 has enough soul not be swamped by a curvaceous body - NDTV Rating 3/5

No doubt Ms Leone distracts us from the film’s off-putting proceedings. She is sexy and has a refreshingly brazen attitude to smooching, fore-play and fornication — she uses her body more than her face as an invitation. - Deccan Chronicle Rating 1/5

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