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Audi overtakes BMW to become the leading luxury car seller in India for the first time

New Delhi, 11 July, 2012: Luxury car maker Audi has overtaken BMW to become the leading luxury car seller in Indian market. Audi sold 759 cars in June 2012 whereas BMW came behind with 750 cars.

German brand Mercedes-Benz which was the earliest entrants in the Indian market was the leader in luxury car sales for many years in India. After the entry of BMW and Audi they had to face stiff competition and now ranks 3rd in sales. For the past three years, BMW has stayed on the top, Mercedes Benz on second and Audi on third. Recently Audi took the second spot and pushed Mercedes down to third. And now, Audi has beaten BMW for the first time ever in India, reports Economic Times.

Audi currently sells the following luxury cars and SUV models A4,  A6, A7, A8, Q3, Q5, Q7, RS5, TT and R8

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