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Now Charge your Cell Phone using your Cotton T-Shirt

Bangalore, 29 May, 2012: You can now keep your cellphone in your T-Shirt pocket and charge it without electricity. A team of researchers from University of south Carolina have invented a T-Shirt which can charge cell phones.

In a study published in the Journal of Advanced Materials, Professor Xiaodong Li of University of South Carolina explains the innovative creation of this flexible and portable energy device. The process as published in the Journal is as follows:

The T-shirt is first dipped in a sodium flouride solution. It is then dried in an oven and again heated in a hot furnace. The T-shirt gains the property of activated carbon. It is then coated with metal manganese oxide which helps in the storage of energy. This can be then used for charging devices.

The researchers is now looking for a suitable apparel partner to provide them with ample T-shirts to make the Re-charging T-shirt.

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