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Watch Moon, Mars pair up in the sky today night

Hyderabad, 10 February 2012: Celestial gazers can watch planet Mars paired with Moon today night in the sky. Moon will be seen along with the reddish Mars planet from 9pm in the night at the western sky. Mars can be identified by a pale red colur non-twinkling star. Dont worry if you missed the sighting, just look for the celestial pair in the western sky tommorrow early morning before sun rise.

This rare sighting has been disclosed by the Planetary Society of India and has arranged sky obervaition of the planets with astronomical telescopes. For more details visit  www.ournewplanets.com or call 9347511132.

Also On February 12, the moon can be seen paired with Saturn and Spica, which is the 15th brightest star in the night sky, after 11.30 pm.

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