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Milagrow Home Cleaning Robots from Rs. 9990 onwards

New Delhi, 2 February 2011: Milagrow HumanTech, the makers of the world's only TabTop PC inthe world has launched home cleaning robots for households.

Milagrow has launched three home cleaning robots named RedHawk, BlackCat and Robocop. They can be used to clean all types of surfaces from marble to carpet to wood. The robots use obstacle and stair detection intelligence, using infrared and can recharge themselves too. The Milagrow robots features timers which can be used to auto-schedule to clean at a particular time and date.

Other features include  six cleaning modes, dirt detection capability, higher suction power, all surface cleaning capability and larger dustbin trays, virus and bacteria removal.

The three robots will be available at leading retailers and also via online

Robocop (Rs. 9,990)
 BlackCat (Rs. 15,990)
RedHawk (Rs. 16,990)

The earlier innovative product launched by the company was the TabTop™ PC which can replace a desktop, laptop or other tablets for all your computing, information, networking and entertainment needs. The tablet offers Full HD, HDMI, USB Host, USB 2.0, SD Card, LAN connectivity and fully loaded with over 50 applications for various needs and claims to be the most powerful, fully loaded Tablet ever launched.

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