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Citra Lime/Lemon Soft Drink by Coca Cola

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Mumbai, 13 February 2012: Coca Cola, leading soft drink maker will relaunch its Citra brand of lime drink soon, reports ET.

Citra to be priced 20% cheaper will be positioned against the currenly available lime and lemon drinks such as Sprite, Limca, Mountain Dew and 7Up.

Sprite and Limca is owned by Coca Cola where as Mountain Dew and 7Up is PepsiCo's brands.

As per studies the lemon based drinks has holds the main part of the market share in the soft drink industry of India. Currently Thumps Up is the no.1 soft drink in India followed by Sprite as per company figures. Limca and 7up are also favourites of Indian youth.

Earlier brands Citra and Goldspot were phased out for the introduction of Coca Cola's global brands Sprite and Fanta during their entry to Indian market.

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