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Maruti Suzuki XAα XA alpha Compact SUV Features, Price, Launch, Images

Chennai, 4 January, 2011: India's leading four wheeler manufacturer Maruti Suzuki will unveil its first Compact SUV XA Alpha at the Delhi Auto Expo tommorrow. The SUV will be unveiled at 8.50 am on 5th January 2012.


 Maruti Suzuki India has unveiled its concept model of upcoming compact SUV XAα(XA Alpha)

XAα, the 'Alpha' represents trendiness and newness that the youth connect to. The 'A' signifies that this compact, 4 metre long concept, is designed for customers wishing to enter the utility vehicle segment. The 'X' denotes Cross-over category.

Similarly the first MUV from Maruti Suzuki, the Ertiga will be launched on January 6, 2012 at 12:30 pm.

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