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Classpad Tablet, Competitor for Aakash launched by Classteacher Learning Systems

Computer of the Week: Classpad Tablet

New Delhi, 1 January 2012: Classteacher Learning Systems, a Delhi based company has announced the launch of Classpad, a low cost tablet.

The Classpad, touted as the competitor for Aakash tablet, the cheapest Android tablet in the world, by the media has been launched by Rohit Pande, the CEO of Classteacher Learning Systems, who is also a graduate of IIT Delhi and IIM, Calcutta.

The Classpad is an Android OS based tablet which is meant for students of Class 3 to 12. The touch screen tablet which has an  inbuilt memory of 4GB offers a back up of seven hours. The tablet is available in three models, Classpad 7, Classpad 8 and Classpad 10. It can be also opted as a Trolley model for multiple student usage and one Tablet per Child (OTPC) model.

Eventhough the Classpad tablet is regarded as the competitor for Aakash tablet, it is priced higher than its predecessor and will be available ranging from Rs. 7,500 to 14,000.

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