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Access your Windows Laptop/Desktop from your Mobile Phone

New Delhi, 30 January 2012: Nivio, a cloud service provider has launched a new service which will enable the users to access their windows desktop computers using their tablets and mobile phones. Nivio has launched nDesktop which can be used by Android smartphones, tablets/ IPhone/IPad etc for connecting to the desktop/laptops using cloud computing technology.

Nivio offers three products which includes

nDrive: for storing, sync and sharing the data across any devices around the world.

nDesktop: enables, Windows, MS Office, and desktop applications from your computer to the tablet/smartphones.

nApps: provides rented software for your use.

The nDesktop is the latest Microsoft Windows version delivered from the Cloud. It is the world's first fully capable delivery of a Windows(TM) desktop to any connected device. Access it from nearly any device including; a tablet, a mac to or a windows machine. You can experience your nDesktop from a downloadable client, your favorite browser or our rich HTML 5 browser based client. Each gives you access to your desktop in seconds.

The nDesktop behaves just like a normal PC, but is delivered to you from nivio anytime you need it and on any device.

The applications comes with a nominal fee which is 2 dollars for 10 hours for students and 5 dollars for non-students. Other packages for 5, 15 dollars per month are also available.

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