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12 Most Popular Kolaveri Di Parody, Remix Songs

 The year 2011 will be noted for one song, the song from an unreleased movie from the south - the Kolaveri Di. Within days of the launch of the video in internet it has been viewed more than two crore times and the trend continues.

The Kolaveri mania in Youtube give rose to several similar videos which were either remixes or parodies of the popular song. Bollywood singer Sonu Nigam was quick enough to create a video of his son Nevaan singing the Kolaveri Di, the baby version. Other popular videos included, the Kolaveri Di Female Version, The Kolaveri Di Punjabi, Kolaveri Di English Mix etc.

Here is the collection of all those popular Kolaveri Di remixes and parodies available in the internet.

Why This Kolaveri Di Original Song

1.Kolaveri Di featuring Nevaan Nigam

2. kolavari di in tom and jerry style

3. Why This Kolaveri Di - English R&B Remix

4.Why this kolaveri di ( Female Version )

5. Sharad Pawar Slap Song - Why this Kolaveri Di ft. Harvinder Singh

6. Why This Kolaveri Di Full Song Video DAMn VERSION

7. Why This Kolaveri Di by CyberFreax

Kolaveri ft Pinky Moge wali ( Punjabi Version )

8. Why this kolaveri di Exam Version

9. kolaveri v/s kadlabari tulu mix

10. Why this Kolaveri di

11. Kolaveri Di (Tigerstyle UK Bhangra Remix)
 12.Why This Kolaveri Di (Tamil Version) - Nakkeeran

 Bonus: Hitler Gets Angry about "Why this Kolaveri Di"?

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