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Top 10 World News Stories 2011 by Time Magazine

New Delhi, 8 December 2011: The Time Magazine has published the top 10 news stories in the year 2011. The anti corruption movement by Anna Hazare has been listed amont the top story of 2011. The news story on 'The Arab Spring Blooms in Tunisia and Egypt' has been ranked first. The list of top 10 new stories of 2011 by Time magazine is as follows 1. The Arab Spring Blooms in Tunisia and Egypt 2. The Killing of Osama bin Laden 3. Japan's Triple Disaster 4. Europe's Financial Crisis 5. The Fall of Gaddafi 6. The Arab Spring in the Weeds 7. Famine in the Horn of Africa 8. The Utoya Massacre 9. Dream of Palestinian Statehood Deffered 10. Anna Hazare's Hunger Fast Rock India

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