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Most Shared Advertisement in YouTube 2011

New Delhi, December 10, 2011: Popular technology website Mashable has published the list of YouTube's most shared advertisement of 2011.

The viral videos in the form of advertisements had more than 18 million shares a day. The Volksvagen ad titled "The Force" was identified as the most shared commercial in YouTube. Some of the other ads included Angry Birds Live, Royal Wedding, "Poneis Malditos" (Nissan), "Contrex - Ma Contrexperience - 97s" (Nestle), "Carlsberg Stunt with Bikers in Cinema" (Carlsburg), McDonald’s Philippines New Commercial 2011 "BFGF" (McDonald's), "Unbelievable David Beckham" (Pepsi), "Unleash Your Fingers" (Samsung).

As per the report the most shared commercial in YouTube for Volkswagen Passat. Watch below

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