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Most Popular Topics in Facebook 2011 (India)

New Delhi. 8 December 2011: Facebook has published its annual Memology list for the year 2011. The Memology list includes the list of most popular topics, status updates and cultural trends which ruled the social network in 2011.

As per the information published the most trending status update in India  during the year 2011 was "Anna Hazare $ the Jan Lokpal Bill". The second included Ra.One & Chammak Challo. Death news about Osama bin Laden, Jagjit Singh and Steve Jobs follows the list. Two Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh and MS Dhoni forms the sportspersons in the list. And Rockstar film is the second film in the list after Ra. One. The top ten status trends for India is as follows:

Popular Topics in Facebook 2011 (India)

1. Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal Bill
2. Ra. One film and Chammak Challo
3. Death of Osama bin Laden
4. Death of Jagjit Singh
5. Death of Steve Jobs
6. Yuvraj Singh
7. Rockstar film
8. Mahendra Singh Dhoni
9. Indian National Congress
10. Sikkim and Gujarat Earthquakes

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