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Kepler 22b, the new planet 'Super Earth' identified

Trivandrum 8 December 2011: Astronomy scientists has discovered a habitable planet similar to the earth. The new planet was discovered by NASA's Kepler telescope and is named Kepler 22b. The planet lies in the Cygnus constellation.

The new planet is 600 light years far from the Earth and is two and a half bigger than the size of the Earth. The average temperature in the planet is around 22 degree celsius and the planet takes 290 days to complete one orbit around its star. Since the characterestics of the Kepler 22b is identical to the earths surface it has been called 'Super Earth' and scientists is hoping for the existence of oceans, continents and even life in it.

The new planet was first spotted by the Kepler telescope on the third day of its operations way back in 2009. It was spotted again in 2010 and the announcement came on December 5, 2011 from NASA.

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