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Nargis from UP, World's Seventh Billionth Baby

New Delhi, 31 October 2011: Plan India, a child right organisation promoting child rights to end poverty has identified the birth of Nargis, from UP as the world's seventh billionth baby.

The seventh billionth baby is a symbolic representation for the UN finding that the  world population will hit 7 billion on Monday, October 31, but could not pinpoint exactly where the child will be born.

The organisation celebrated the birth of Nargis who was born to Ajay and Vinita Yadav of Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh which is also India's most populous state as the 7 billionth baby in the world. Nargis' birth has been projected to the show case the declining child sex ration in India.

Nargis shares the honours of being the world's symbolic seven billionth baby with Danica May Camacho  from Philippines.

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