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Nasser Hussain's Donkey comment on Indian cricketers (Video)

New Delhi, September 2, 2011: Former England captain and ESPN Star Sports commentator Nasser Hussain's comment during the India vs England T20 match has sparked controversy. Nasser Hussain called some of the Indian fielders "donkeys" after some bad fielding from the Indian side. The controversial comment was made by Hussain after Parthiv Patel dropped the catch of Kevin Pietersen. Hussain commented "I would say the difference between the two side is the fielding. England are all-round a good fielding side. I do believe that India have few...3or 4 very good fielders and one or two donkeys in the field still." Watch the video below Meanwhile former Indian captains and the BCCI has objected to the comment and plans to take action against the commentator.

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