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India Ink Website from New York Times launched

New Delhi, 14 September 2011: The New York Times has launched an India specific  English language website called "India Ink".

India Ink is available at www.nytimes.com/indiaink or http://india.blogs.nytimes.com/ offers information regarding India news, business, technology, science, health, sports, arts, style, travel, jobs, real estate and lot more.

According to New York Times, India Ink is a blog report on India from the journalists of The New York Times and a pool of talented writers in India and beyond provides unbiased, authoritative reporting on the country and its place in the world. India Ink also strives to be a virtual meeting point for discussion of this complex, fast-changing democracy – its politics, economy, culture and everyday life.

The writers at India Ink include Vikas Bajaj correspondent of NY Times, Mumbai
Anupama Chopra, Bollywood journalist
Vivek Dehejia is an economics professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada
Sonia Faleiro - award-winning reporter and author of the novel “The Girl” (Viking, 2006).
Naresh Fernandes  - consulting editor to Time Out’s editions in Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore
Nikhila Gill - researcher in The New York Times’ Delhi Bureau
and more

India Ink is available on Twitter in the handle @nytindia and email at IndiaInk@nytimes.com

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