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Facebook launches new features Tag reviews, Post visibility control etc

Kochi, 24 August 2011: Facebook.com, the leader in social networking has launched a bunch of new features to combat the threat of Google Plus.

The new features include more privacy option, tag reviews, post visibility control etc. Here are the details about the news changes that Facebook offers.

Inline profiles: Content on your profile, from your hometown to your latest photo album, will appear next to an icon and a drop-down menu.

Tag review: Users can now approve or reject any photo or post you are tagged in before it's visible to anyone else on your profile. Users can also review and approve or reject any tag someone tries to add to your photos and posts.

Profile preview: Users can now preview their profile using the "View Profile As" option available at the top of the page

Inline post control: The control for who can see each post will be available inside each post window. So users can share a particular update to the audience he wishes for. This feature resembles the circle option in Google Plus.

Post visibility edit: Users can now edit who can see their updates even after posting.

Tag control: Earliers users can tag people only if you were friends with some one. Now you can add tags of your friends or anyone else on Facebook. If you are ever tagged by a non-friend, it won't appear on your profile unless you review and approve the post.

Tag Location: Now you can add location for your posts, whether it is a status update, photo or Wall post.

Tag removal: The new tag removal options are: removing from your profile, removing the tag itself, messaging the photo owner or tagger, and requesting the content get taken down.

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