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Arundathi Roy's article on Anna Hazare hits controversy

Booker prize-winning author Arundhati Roy has launched an attack on the anti-corruption drive for Jan lokpal bill run by Anna Hazare and his supporters.

In her weekly coloumn titled 'I'd rather not be Anna' published in the Hindu daily she has questioned the secular credentials of Anna Hazare.

In the article Arundathi Roy asks "Who is he really, this new saint, this Voice of the People? Oddly enough we've heard him say nothing about things of urgent concern. Nothing about the farmer's suicides in his neighbourhood, or about Operation Greyhound further away. He doesn't seem to have a view about the government's plans to deploy the Indian Army in the forests of Central India."

"He does however support Raj Thackeray's Marathi Manoos xenophobia and has praised the 'development model' of Gujarat's CM who oversaw the 2002 pogrom against Muslims.

Read the full article in The Hindu daily online at http://www.thehindu.com/opinion/lead/article2379704.ece?homepage=true

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