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National School Sanitation Ratings, Website launched

NEW DELHI, 7 July 2011: Human Resource Development Ministry has launched the National School Sanitation Website and “Online National School Sanitation Ratings”

The new system with ratings is aimed to recognize those schools who are taking significant steps towards effective sanitation and improvement in service delivery leading to the desired behavioural and attitudinal changes towards hygiene & sanitation. Minister for HRD Kapil Sibal said that the Sanitation Ratings are expected to infuse the required dynamism in the schools towards sanitation management.

The Minister stated that a Sanitation Waves Programme: ‘The Ripples’ that will cover 2500 schools by 11-11-11 is being initiated. He also said that it has been decided to institute National School Sanitation Awards on annual basis for those schools who have been rated online for sanitation and taken noteworthy steps towards betterment of the sanitation scenario in their schools in varied ways. The Minister said that he had earlier suggested that staff toilets in schools should be closed for at least one day in a week and all the teachers and staff should use the toilets meant for the students so that they are appreciative of the state of the toilets used by the students. He added that he would like to further suggest that every Wednesday could be designated as the day for closure/non‐use of the staff toilets.

The Online National School Sanitation Ratings and the National School Sanitation Website have been launched in order to consolidate the efforts for ensuring safe sanitation, hygiene and waste segregation with a view to inducing behavioural changes and awareness generation among school students. Municipal Bodies & other institutions are to provide support in this endeavour.

The Online National School Sanitation Ratings would give a national recognition to those schools who are taking significant steps towards effective sanitation and improvement in service delivery. In furtherance of the National School Sanitation Initiative, all the CBSE schools will be rated according to their sanitation status in five colour categories. The entire process has been made online and the schools are expected to register themselves and obtain a sanitation rating for themselves by following the due process.

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