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World's Most Dangerous Countries for Women

New Delhi, 16 June 2011: Afghanistan was rated as the most dangerous country for women in a recent global study.

The study conducted by the Thomas Reuters Foundation was prepared by 213 gender experts from all continents.

The survey rated India as the fourth most dangerous location for women.

The top 5 ranked nations are as follows

1. Afghanistan - Violence, dismal healthcare and brutal poverty

2. Congo - staggering levels of sexual violence

3. Pakistan - cultural, tribal and religious practices harmful to women.

4. India - high levels of female infanticide and sex trafficking.

5. Somalia - high maternal mortality, rape, and female genital mutilation to limited educational opportunities, healthcare and economic resources.

The study was made in connection with the launch of a website, TrustLaw Women, aimed at providing free legal advice for women's groups around the world.

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