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Suresh Raina, Sachin Tendulkar Funny Google Translation in Serbian

I woke up today morning to find a funny translation job by Google translate doing the rounds in social networks and forums in the internet.

Somebody tried to translate the term "Suresh Raina is God" in Google Translate to Serbian language, the result is something like this "Суресх Раина је Бог" when he re-translated the result he got the english term as "Sachin Tendulkar is God" . Too silly isnt it? But in the nation of cricket fans it is not that much silly. So the translation mismatch has been made viral in many social networks and on the web.

There are many possible explanations for this error, some say that it is caused by the wild assumptions Google translator makes with the help of its database, while some say that it is an easter egg, ie funny things Google stores in many of its applications.

Any way the term Suresh Raina will not be translated as Sachin Tendulkar and Sachin Tendulkar will not be translated as Suresh Raina in Serbian. The mismatch occurs only when the phrase "is a God" is applied. Also whatever we add along with the name Suresh Raina, the software connects it to Sachin Tendulkar

Just try this funny crack..

Click on both links and see or try it yourself at http://translate.google.com



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