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The Silent National Anthem (Video) by Mudra for Reliance Big Cinema

Mumbai, 21 June 2011: The Silent National Anthem campaign devised by the Mudra Group on the occasion of India's 61st Republic Day. The video was a silent rendition of India's National Anthem, interpreted through sign language. This video was played in all BIG Cinema theatres, before a film commenced. The campaign won one silver in the PR Lions category, and two bronze lions in Promo & Activation in the Cannes International Festival of Creativity, 2011.

We're a nation of 1.2 billion who speak over 20 languages. If we all love our language to the point of discriminating against others, our tongues will become the swords that'll divide this land. Let us, together, start a movement to celebrate our differences. Please give your opinion, on how we can spread the light of unity. Jai Hind!

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