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Resu.me Career Social Network by Indians

MUMBAI, June 28 2011: Three Indian students in Stanford has launched a new online networking site named Resu.me which claims to be a LinkedIn competitor.

The Resu.me started by three Indian youth - Karthik Manimaran , Jyotibasu Chandrabasu and Niveditha Arumugam is a job search networking service which try to make the process of job hunting and hiring simple, efficient and intelligent.

Resu.me is a cloud based platform that uses advanced machine learning techniques to learn, adapt and recommend potential jobs/talent. The website which was launched six month ago now has over 100,000 users and expected to grow further.

Features of resu.me include

Online resume

Provides rich set of tools to effectively manage your online resume.
Custom sections

Add unlimited number of custom sections with rich HTML support.
Rich media portfolio

Create rich media portfolio including images and videos on an interactive 3D wall.
Resume updates

Post blogs, code snippets, status messages, share links and notify followers of all activities associated with your professional resume.
Printable version

Easy to download printable (PDF) version of the resume that can be used for all other relevant purposes.
1-click job application

1 click job application reduces need to fill out redundant web forms. You can now apply for more jobs considerably quicker at the click of a button.

Click to create your account at www.resu.me now

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