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ICC plans to ban runner for injured batsman

MUMBAI, June 28 2011: International Cricket Council ICC Executive Board in its meeting held at Hing Kong today has taken some revolutionary decisions which would change the way the game of cricket is played.

Here is a summary of decisions made in the meeting

ICC has approved a 14-team format for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015 to be held in Australia and New Zealand and a 12-team format for the ICC World Twenty20 events in 2012 (Sri Lanka) and 2014 (Bangladesh).

The Executive Board agreed with the CEC recommendations on the Decision Review Systems (DRS) for Test matches and One-Day Internationals which would set a universal standard, taking into consideration availability and commercial issues, that infra-red cameras and audio-tracking devices should be used.

The Board accepted that there should be no use of DRS in Twenty20 Internationals.

The Board agreed with the CEC and Cricket Committee on the following:

* that a Twenty20 International rankings table should be created from 1 October 2011

* revised formats for One-Day internationals

* the need for further research on the balls to be used in day/night Test cricket

* batsmen should be dismissed (obstructing the field) if they change their course while running to prevent a run-out chance

* the running out of a non-striker who is backing up unfairly

* the prohibition of the use of runners in all forms of international cricket.

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