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Google+ Plus Project: The Future Social Network

Hyderabad, 29 June 2011: Google has launched its social networking service Google Plus + Project. Google Plus aims to directly compete with today's most popular social networking service the Facebook.

The Google Plus will be based on features like Circles, Hangouts, Sparks, Mobile, Location, Instant Upload, Huddle etc.

Google+ Circle

Circle is basically networking groups which consists of different friends, relatives, colleagues etc. Information posted in a circle will be shared inside the circle only. This will provide complete privacy of the accoount owner with his different circles of friends.

Google+ Hangout
Hangout is a video or text chat service

Google+ Sparks
Sparks is a collection of articles, videos, photos and other content grouped by interest.

Google+ Mobile
Mobile is an Android smartphone based service which can be used to share photographs using mobile phones

Google+ Location
With Google+ you can add your location to every post. It is somewhat similar to the Foursquare application or Facebook Places.

Google+ Instant Upload
Instant Upload features automatically uploads the pics you take with your permission, Google+ adds your photos to a private album in the cloud.

Google+ Huddle
Google+ Huddle is a group messaging experience that lets everyone inside a Google circle.

Thus Google plans to take the Social media by storm by launching its powerful social media tools under the brand name Google+.

The project has been launched to selected users only and will expand via invitation only as in the case of Gmail launch years back, said Google representatives.

Google+ is expected to work along with the recently launched Google +1 button for search results. The +1 button works similar to the Facebook Like button and it works as recommended links in Google search.

Google Plus is the fourth social media initiative by Google to combat Facebook. The other two named Google Buzz and Google Wave failed to win users. Also one of the oldest social networks by Google, the Orkut is also heading towards an end due to the impact of Facebook.

The Google +1 button which is available at Weeksupdate.com pages (below title) can be used to recommend pages to others via Google search.

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