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Rajinikanth health: Dhanush posts Rajinikanth photo in hospital

Dhanush, actor and son-in-law of Rajinikanth has posted a pic of the Superstar from the hospital. The pic posted in Twitter says

SS in d hospital.he s rocking.dis pic s 4 his fans.pls cont ur routine life.don believe rumors(cont) http://yfrog.com/h42epxbj

His latest tweet says

Happiest day of my life !! Yayyyyyyyyyy :) nyone has any doubts u r free 2 investigate SRMC hosp. COME ON ( war cry ) god bless
44 minutes ago

Heyyyyyy guyssssss,Superstar is shifted from ICU to normal room :) :) :) :) now beat this news ! All rumor spreaders can go 2 hell.god bless

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