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Most Valuable Player/ Value for Money in IPL 4

Here is the list of the most valuable player and most value for money player in the ongoing IPL season 2011.

The list is calculated based on the success rate of the players also taking into account the money spent on them by the franchises.

Most Valuable Player in IPL 4 (with points per match)

L Malinga 70.6
P Valthaty 69.0
J Botha 64.8
R Uthappa 57.5
D Bollinger 57.5
S Tendulkar 57.2
V Kohli 54.7
K Sangakkara 54.7
Y Pathan 53.5
J Ryder 52.6

Most Value for Money Player in IPL 4 (with points per match)

P Valthaty 69.0
R Sharma 43.7
A Rayudu 41.4
I Abdulla 40.9
S Sohal 32.3
S Trivedi 28.8
A Menaria 27.9
A Singh 27.0
MS Bisla 24.7
AG Murthaza 23.7

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