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Pani puri video from Thane shot in mobile by Ankitha Rani

Ankitha Rani, a girl from Thane took this video on her mobile from her flat.

The video features a pani puri street vendor urinating in the pot in which the dish is served.

The culprit was identified as Rajdev Chauhan. As a result of this video hee was beaten up and handed over to the police who was later released on fine of Rs. 1200.

As per reports he used to urinate in the small cups in which people used to have pani puri. According to him, he does this because he had not time or place to urinate.

Watch the video

Meanwhile MNS workers attacked the street-food vendors, mostly migrants from UP and Bihar, in Fort and Dadar areas last night following this report.

Police have arrested three members of MNS in connection with this.

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