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Happiest Minds Technologies Private Ltd, new company by Ashok Soota

Bangalore, April 5th 2011: Ex-chairman and co-founder of Mindtree, Ashok Soota has announced the launch of a new business venture called “Happiest Minds Technologies Private Ltd”. The company Happiest Minds Technologies is founded with the mission of creating the happiest customers and the happiest team.

The company will have six lines of businesses, namely IT Services, R&D Services, Product Engineering Services, Remote Infrastructure Management, Testing and Consulting. Happiest Minds will focus on new emerging technologies such as Cloud, Social CRM, Unified Communications, Mobility, Business Intelligence & Analytics.

Happiest Minds aims to rapidly establish itself as a global player. It will open offices in various cities of the USA, Continental Europe, UK, Japan, Singapore and India.

In a unique initiative, Happiest Minds is inviting any individual or institution to create a visual identity and has launched a logo contest. For more information visit http://www.happiestminds.com/logo-contest.html

Mr. Soota, aims to create a company with the highest standard of Corporate Governance. The venture will be funded by Mr.Soota and venture capitalists. Happiest Minds is ready for customer enquiries and will be formally launched for customer delivery in a period of 5 months.

For further information contact: Sonali@gutenbergpr.com or Anna@gutenbergpr.com

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