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PCQuest becomes India's first hyperlinked print magazine

PCQuest became India's first hyperlinked print magazine which convergences mobile multimedia inside a print journal.

PCQuest published by Cybermedia incorporates QR codes for displaying multimedia content in its latest issue. The QR codes will be used to display both editorial content and advertising.

A QR (Quick Response) code is a barcode in two dimensions, with a black-and-white pattern of squares (standard barcodes are one-dimensional). Users scan them in a single click on their mobile camera, and the code points to a website or online multimedia content. They can also be linked to social networking sites like Facebook.

To view a multimedia QR code enabled magazine, the reader needs a Symbian S60, BlackBerry, Android, Java camera-equipped mobile-phone with 2G, 3G or Wifi enable internet connectivity.

The QR code reader app can be downloaded from websites like Flick2Know (www.f2k.mobi) or i-Nigma.

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