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Moserbaer LCD TV: Moserbaer Ice Lightest LCD TVs in India launched

MoserBaer has announced the launch of its new innovation LCD Tvs. The new LCD Televisions branded as "Ice" will be available in three variants of 20", 22" and 24" sizes.

According to the company the Ice LCD televisions weights just 4.5 kg and are the lightest TV in the LCD category with a full-face glass.

Moserbaer currently produce IT Peripherals like USB drives, Memory Cards, DVD writers, PC Peripherals, TFT Monitors, UPS and External Hard Drives. In the Consumer Electronics arena, the company has come up with a product range with medium to hi-end positioning comprising of Ultra Advanced LCD TVs, DVD Players, Portable DVD Players, Digital Photo Frames, Media Players and Multimedia Speakers.

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