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"John's Phone", the simplest mobile phone in the world

When the mobile phone manufacturers are scratching their heads for incoroporating more and more features into the smart phones, here comes the simplest phone which can be used only to make a call.

Called as the "John's Phone" , a new phone is created by Dutch advertising agency John Doe.

This simplest phone aims at buyers like the anti-geek, children, old age people etc.

The 10.5 cm long John's Phone is also termed as the anti-iPhone and is the easiest mobile phone to operate.

The funny part of the phone is that it doesnt have a display. The phone book available is infact a paper and pen inside the phone flap in which one should write the phone numbers.

The phone offers a a battery life of three weeks and has a manual of just one page long.

Well the phone specifications can be summarised as follows:

No Email, No MP3, No apps, No text messages, No Facebook, No twitter, No camera, No Video, No Bluetooth, No GPRS, Not even a Display.

The phone is priced at 59 pounds to 67 pounds

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