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Hiss Review: Hisss Hindi movie reviews, ratings and box office reports

The much awaited Mallika Sherawat starrer movie 'Hisss' has been released all over India. The movie directed by Jennifer Lynch tells the story of a snake goddess.

The movie has Mallika Sherawat as Nagin and also features character actor
Irrfan Khan, Jeff Doucette, Divya Dutta etc.

The movie which was in controversy for having many nude scenes by Mallika Sherawat, the lead actress and also for a kiss between her and a snake.

Weeksupdate rates the reviews of the movie published in the web.

0.5 NDTV Hisss is strangely disjointed. It feels like an unfinished film. Read review

One India it's easy to solve the crossword puzzle in newspapers than it is to understand what exactly is going on in this film. Read review

2.5 Tellycafe If you want to feel frightened by those sexy and angry lenses of Mallika then go ahead in this weekend for Hisss! Read review

More to be updated...

Hiss Theatrical Trailer

Official website www.hisssthemovie.com

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