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20 Must See Rajinikanth Styles, Punch Dialogues, Action Scenes, Mannerisms

The highlight of superstar Rajinikanth movies are his punch dialogues, mannerisms and unique action sequences. Rajinikanth movies draw huge popularity with this Rajini style which makes him one of the style icons of both youth and also the aged.

He is the the highest paid actor in Asia after Jackie Chan and also has been named as one of the most influential persons in South Asia by Asiaweek magazine.

Here are some handpicked scenes from famous Rajinikanth movies. Watch it and comment

Rajnikanth's stylish cigarette flicking scene from the 1986 film Geraftaar

Rajinikanth fighting bad boys from Baba

Rajinikanth - Ramya Krisha scene from Padayappa

Rajni Amazing Fighting Scene

Rajinikanth smoking cigarette and singing

Shivaji song - Rajinikanth at his best

Rajinikanth super dialogue from Mannan

Rajinikanth Basha dialogue

Rajinikanth Introduction scene Padayappa

Rajinikanth Baba count down

Annamalai Rajinikanth style with background music

Rajinikanth dialogue

Rajinikanth's 100th movie - A simple man

Rajinikanth style

Adi Rakkamma Kaiyya thattu - Thalapathi

Rajnikanth & Nagma - Style Style Daan - Baashha

Rajinikanth Basha fight

Rajinikanth punch dialogues and super scenes

Did I miss a thing? Comment below

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