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Where is Peepli in India? Badwai Peepli Live Location

Peepli Live, distributed by UTV Motion Pictures, is scheduled for release on 13 August 2010. The movie directed by Anusha Rizvi’ and produced by Aamir Khan, tells the story of the farmers in a fictional village named Peepli.

The movie deals with their problems and the suicide phenomenon and subsequent media and political response to the village.

Even though the story takes place in a village called Peepli, the movie was shot in another village called Badwai in Bhopal. A major part of the movie was shot in this village and the may of the actors who acted as the villagers are Adivasis from Badwai.

The movie location also include various other places in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and New Delhi.

But another village named Peepli located on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, in Aligarh district, has come to the limelight due to the resemblance with the film's title.

The real estate value of the village land and marriage proposals for the women has been increased in the Peepli village.

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