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Vinay Deolalikar solves P vs NP world's most complex mathematical problem

Vinay Deolalikar, an Indian-origin computer scientist in US has said that he has solved one of the world's most complex mathematical riddles P vs NP.

P vs NP was formulated by Mathematicians Stephen Cook and Leonid Levin in 1971. It is one of the seven millennium problems by the Massachusetts-based Clay Mathematical Institute as being the “most difficult” to solve.

In simple words the question P = NP? asks

Suppose that yes answers to a yes or no question can be verified quickly. Then, can the answers themselves also be computed quickly?

Vinay Deolalikar works for Hewlett-Packard in California. His answer will be validated by the Clay Mathematical Institute and if it is found to be correct he will win $1 million prize.

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