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Twitter launches official Tweet Button for websites/blogs with recommendation feature

Twitter has launched the official Tweet Button to make sharing simple from blogs and websites. The new Tweet Button is a blue button (default) which allows a user to share a link from a third party website in his Twitter account.

On clicking a Tweet Button, a Tweet box will appear with the page title, a short url of the page and additional space to add your text.

The new tweet button will solve the problems of composing a tweet from a website which requires Copying and pasting, link shortening etc.

Currently a service Tweetmeme offers a retweet button which serves the cause, but now onwards they will also use the Twitter tweet button.

An interesting feature of the Twitter Tweet Button is that you can recommend up to two Twitter accounts for users to follow after they share content from your website.

Visit http://twitter.com/goodies/tweetbutton for creating your own twitter button for your blog/website.

Weeksupdate.com has incorporated the new Tweet Button in this website, have a look below and Tweet to your followers.

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