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NDM1 Superbug gene: New Delhi Metallo 1 NDM1 Dangerous Bug from India discovered

Researchers in Britain have discovered a new superbug gene named New Delhi Metallo 1 (NDM1) in India.

The gene NDM-1,carries an enzyme named New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase-1 (NDM-1) which makes a bacterium resistant to even the toughest of antibiotics.

The gene was identified first discovered by Prof Timothey R Walsh of Cardiff University, UK, in a Swedish patient who had travelled to Delhi last year.

The gene is believed to have originated in India, possibly because of excessive use of antibiotics by the people. If the superbug spreads to more people it will be difficult to treat as there will be no medicine which responds to the infection, says scientists. The bug has been identified in 37 British people who returned after surgeries from India. The identification of this hospital bug is going to adversely affect Medical tourism in India.

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