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Meter Jam Mumbai on August 12 Join Facebook, Twitter www.meterjam.com

Mumbaikars organise MeterJam, a protest against the malpractice of Autorickshaw and taxi drivers in Mumbai. The campaign, which asks people to boycott autos and taxis on August 12 to protest arbitrary fare refusal by drivers.

The campaign has gained supporters online in Facebook, Twitter etc. An exclusive website on Meter Jam www.meterjam.com has also been launched.

The campaign has been launched by advertising professionals Abhilash Krishnan, Rachna Brar and Jaidev Rupani, who describes themselves as a bunch of eager-minded folks who think a lot and do as much as they can.

More on Mumbai Protest Meter Jam

In order to protest the malpractices done by auto drivers and taxi drivers involving arbitrary fare refusal by drivers, you can involve in the protest, inform others, and do not use auto and taxi on 12th August, the campaigners plead. They have urged people to use an alternative means to travel on August 12, like carpooling system, buses for that day.

You can join Meter Jam online at Facebook (http://www.facebook.com/meterjam), Follow in Twitter (http://twitter.com/meterjam).

Meanwhile campaigns like Meter Jam has gained supporters in others parts of India like Bangalore and Delhi too.

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