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5 Most viewed Youtube videos of all time

Youtube, the most popular video sharing portal in the internet has launched a new feature called "YouTube Charts". YouTube charts offers a comprehensive list of most viewed videos ranked in ascending order.

You can sort charts by “today,” “this week” and “all time.” and also search for videos which are "most liked" and "most subscribed"

Here is the top 5 most watched all time videos based on Youtube Charts

Struck in tsunami
Real Tsunami
by talupula 4 years ago 22,845,732 views

Moon Walk
Someone send this video to me long time back. Besides this video is very cool to watch, this video also proves how people used to go crazy when MJ ...
by constantineab 3 years ago 22,555,480 views

hips don't lie
Hips Don't Lie lyrics Ladies up in here tonight No fighting, no fighting We got the refugees up in here No fighting, no fighting Shakira

by awadhesh04 2 years ago 17,748,429 views

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christian the lion
this video touch yur heart.....
by johnluvbaebo 2 years ago 14,904,488 views

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