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Tendulkar Opus Special Edition with Sachin’s Blood for $85,000

Sachin's Blood – cost $85,000

The new biography of Sachin Tendulkar will carry his blood. The book named 'Tendulkar Opus,' will be weighed 37 kg with 1500 pictures printed in 852 pages, also all the pages will be edged with gold leaf.

There will be a signature page in the book and that particular page will be printed with drops of Sachin's blood and pulp mixture. The special edition of 10 copies contains Sachin's blood. They are also printing 1000 regular copies, which will be priced between $2000 and $3000. But the 'blood edition' will cost around $85,000.

The Kraken Opus is the publisher of this historic book and they are going to publish it in February 2011.

Sachin is playing cricket in international level for 20 years and he scored more than 30,000 runs in international level. He is the only player who hits a double century in limited over cricket.

(Submitted by Khan M. Jahangir)

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