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July 11, 2010 Solar Eclipse (Surya Grahan) India not covered

Some parts of the earth will witness a Total Solar Eclipse On Sunday, 2010 July 11. The eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses Earth's southern Hemisphere including southern Pacific Ocean, Argentina and Chile in South America, NASA reports.

However the Solar Eclipse is not visible in India, United States, Europe, Gulf, etc.

The solar eclipse will take place from 11:45 PM on July 11, 2010 to 02:20 AM on July 12, 2010 IST (18:15 UT to 20:52 UT)

The next total two solar eclipse will be seen on 2011 January 4 and 2011 July 1.

A special Web site is also available for the Annular Solar Eclipse of 2010 January 15.

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