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Facts behind the Paul Octopus Predictions - Mystery, Lucky or Scientific

Paul Allen the Octopus, the eight legged creature is the most respected creature in the world now. The Octopus which has a 100 per cent record of predicting all the matches played by Germany which includes the seven matches in the FIFA World Cup 2010 and six matches in the UEFA Euro cup 2010.

The Octopus has only gone wrong once, that too in 2008 Euro cup when it predicted Spain will win over Germany in the finals.

The method of predictions is simple, the octopus is allowed to choose between two boxes with food within, each one marked with the flag of a national team. The boxes are arranged left and right as per the FIFA arrangement of the flags of both teams.

How does Paul get it right, does he has some mysterious powers or he is lucky enough.

There are several theories regarding the explanation to the Paul's choice. Some experts say that the Octopus picks brightly coloured flags, but according to Janet Voight at the Chicago Field Museum of Natural History there is no evidence that the Octopus vulgaris has colour vision.

Some scientists say that octopuses can distinguish brightness, and are drawn to bold horizontal shapes. According to the report in Daily Mail Paul has picked German, Spanish and Serbian flags because each of them display horizontal shapes.

While some say that Octopus predictions play a psychological part in the minds of the players which make them dull and lose matches, while others says that the Octopus is lucky for the time being.

Some football fans is of opinion that the whole thing is a hoax and the Octopus picks the boxes based on how large is the food placed inside the box.

Meanwhile several others has started predicting the outcome of the matches. Since Octopus is an animal rather than a saint of swami, animals are in top demand. India's own predictor - the Parrot is one of such kind. A parrot named Mani which came from India has also started predicting the outcome of the world cup matches in Singapore.

What may be the reason behind the predictions of Paul the Octopus to be right. Give your opinion Comment

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