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Chlorine gas leaks from Mumbai Port Trust, 60 people hospitalised

More than 60 people, out of which six serious, were admitted to JV Hospital in Mumbai after inhaling chlorine gas from a leaked cylinder at the Mumbai Port Trust.

The chlorine gas leak occured from a huge gas cylinder from a container which was parked in the port near the south Mumbai's Sewri area.

The leak occured around 4 am in the morning, which was immediately attended by the Port Trust authorities. People residing around the site were initially evacuated. Affected workers were admitted to the hospital.

Fire tenders and police has said that the situation is under control. As a precautionary measure, people residing in and around the area have been evacuated, media reports.

An enquiry has been started to find out what led to the leakage.

Chlorine gas when inhaled can cause eye irritation as well as nausea, vomiting, dizziness, headache, restlessness, throat irritation, excess salivation and even death.

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