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AJ Ford Fiesta, the Twitter car that can tweet on its own

Till now we had thought that Twitter is for humans only. Now cars can also tweet. Ford has launched a car which can sent twitter messages.

The Twitter car is known as AJ (short for American Journey), which is a upcoming 2011 model Ford Fiesta which is under developmental stage.

The Twitter car is equipped with a high-speed cellular data connection, a Wi-Fi router and a Dell computer running Windows 7. The car is loaded with a software called the "Auto"matic which scans the information on the car like location, speed, time, movement, traffic, weather etc and send tweets on its own.

Some of the AJ's tweets goes like this
Have a great trip!
It's getting pretty dark; time to put the headlights on
No rain... no pain! Current conditions: fair (day)
I'm at Costco - Foster City (

You can follow the Twitter car AJ the Fiesta at @ajthefiesta

Apart from Twitter AJ Fiesta is also tested with location based applications like Foursquare, Caravan Track etc.

Ford is planning to include smartphone apps loaded with with Twitter in the forthcoming car models.

Who knows, there will be a time, when our cellphone can tweet on behalf of ourselves.

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